My aim is to design and create beautiful art rugs for those who wish to furnish their homes and special spaces with bespoke individuality.  My core motivation comes from understanding that as people we all have our experience, our own preferences, our own measure of what is aesthetic. No two people are the same. No two hand tufted rugs need be the same. I would like to enable people to furnish their space authentically to create their desired aura or ambience to enable feeling truly comfortable and mindful of what is personally meaningful and important to them.  My inspiration for commissions will come from collaboration with people and their life experience.

My own art work and designs come from my experience, my love of colour, nature, human nature and moments of wonder and insight among the constant change and transformation going on all around all the time.  I hope you like some of my own designs and thank you for visiting my website.

I am Laura Derby rug designer, maker, textile image creator!  I have a BA Hons degree in Industrial Design (Woven Textiles) from The Scottish College Of Textiles in Galashiels (now Heriot-Watt).  I worked briefly as designer with renowned Reid and Taylor quality menswear fabric manufacturers in Langholm. Then in New Zealand I worked as artisan for the wonderful Dilana Rugs who worked with artists to create indigenous art rugs for the floor or the walls.  After valuable adventures in other fields I return to art, design and rug making now, to share my skills and creativity.


I live and work a mile outside of the beautiful Artists Town of Kirkcudbright in Galloway in South West Scotland www.kirkcudbright.town or click on the image below. 

Photo by Laura

Photo by Laura