Commissioning process

I enjoy collaborating with people on their rug design. I believe we all benefit from having around us things that make us feel good and more in harmony with ourselves. We all seek what is personally meaningful and I am more than happy to work to create preference, style and taste to fulfil customers needs.

Below are the steps involved to create a unique bespoke rug.

Step 1

Step 1

  • discuss and collaborate on ideas

  • consider end use of product

  • create initial art work

This can be face to face, over the phone, email, social media  We can decide the best to communicate and pass visual ideas back and forth.  

Step 2

  • create images of finished item

  • match colours, agree yarns, texture and finish  

  • agree price, deposit and terms 

Price starts at £450/square meter for a minimalist style design using environmentally friendly pre created end lots of yarn from big carpet manufacture.  Specialist yarns dyed to specific shades can be ordered.

Step 3

Step 3

  • order yarns

  • scale design up onto rug frame

The rugs are made back to front so a mirror image has to be created on the stretched polyester backing fabric.  I use software programmes to help me draw up a template and to help me understand tonality in more complex designs.

step 4

step 4

  • tuft the rug

  • check progress with commissioner

Its a great feeling to get on with tufting the rug once everything is organised. There will be many yarn changes, much checking of colour and design and quite probably some agonising moments of doubt at which point I may contact the commissioner to double check progress and decisions.

  • dispatch the rug to its home

Your rug delivery is free to mainland UK.  For other destinations please click here

step 5

  • finish the base of the rug

The yarn is fixed into the stretched polyester by applying a layer of latex and a cotton drill backing fabric attached. A binding fabric is attached to finish off around the edges.   

step 6

step 6

  • finish the surface of the rug

Shearing of your rug is necessary for an even surface and greater definition of design.  Carving relief into some designs can create greater definition again. The more even the surface of your rug the easier it is to maintain.